Can I purchase on a monthly basis?
Yes. Select the ‘bill monthly’ option. You can cancel at any time. You are NOT committed to an entire year.
How do I cancel?
At the end of each month iTunes will alert you with a pop up reminder asking if you wish to renew the subscription for another month. To cancel, select ‘No’ when the subscription reminder alert is displayed.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. You can cancel at anytime. If you do cancel, you will still have access to use the app and your art but you won’t be able to use the extra subscription features.
How do I integrate my existing gallery website with iArtView for hands free auto uploads?
Integration into your website is easy. We provide access to an industry standard tools which your web developer can use to integrate into your existing website. Each website is unique so it’s best to contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through the details with you.
Do you have an API?
Yes. iArtView is powered by a powerful RESTFUL API which can also be used to integrate your iArtView catalog into your existing website. With iArtView your galleries artwork can be uploaded once and available across all your digital properties.
Can iArtView do the web integration for me?
Yes. Our internal development team specializes in gallery websites. Call or click to discuss your project today.
How many users can I share my collection with?
Galleries and Artists who purchase White Label have their own independent app and presence on the iTunes App Store. Sharing and downloads are unlimited. Anyone around the world may download their gallery or studio app from the iTunes App store and exclusively view their collection to scale on personal wall spaces.
Can you brand iArtView for my Gallery?
Yes. We offer full service white label solutions where we rebrand the app with your galleries logo and look and feel. The stand alone app is distributed through iTunes under your galleries name.
What is a white label?
A white label is a private label solution were we re-brand the iArtView app for your specific gallery. The app is then released to iTunes and available in the geographies you choose.
Do you support languages other than English?
Yes. The iArtView gallery solution can be customized for any language.
Do you have a version for Android?
We’re working on it.
How do I share my collection?
iArtView’s Plus and Pro in-app subscription plans include a six digit share code. Simply share this code and a link to the iArtView app and your clients can start interacting with your art on their walls.
Can a prospective customer send me a photo of their wall and can I then put my painting on that wall?
You have a couple of different options for getting your art onto your clients’ walls:
1. Clients can email you photos of their wall spaces. You can save their image to your mobile device’s camera wall. On the wall page there is a button on the right hand panel, “Import Photo” Import the photo and add your art. You can pinch the art to make it larger or smaller. You can email your clients their new wall, save to your camera roll etc. by tapping the top right corner Share button.
2. If you have a Plus or Pro plan you can give your clients the 6 digit/letter share code in your subscription. They can download the iArtView app, enter the code, take photos of their walls and add art. Below are instructions that you can copy and paste and share with clients.
Is iArtView available for iMac?
We will keep you informed should the platform become available for iMac. If you’re using the app for placing works into designer interiors a desktop version would work well. The auto scale feature would not work because it relies on using a mobile device camera.
Images will not stay in the app collection. They just disappear.
This may be due to the type of image being uploaded. In order to further assist you would you mind:
1 .Uploading a different image (not an image of an art piece) and see if the image stays in the application.
2. Emailing one of the copyright images to us to we can see what type of image it is.
3. It would also be helpful to know what device you are using (iPhone 5, iPad 2 etc).
How do I see multiple images from my collection?
To see your collection , click on the one main image in your collection and all the others appear.
I was interested in upgrading from basic to plus. Does the app charge the full amount of plus and give me credit for the basic I just paid for?
The good news is that if you upgrade to Plus midway through your monthly Basic subscription you will immediately receive the Plus subscription for the remainder of your month plus an additional 30 days. Basically we give you a few extra weeks of upgraded service. For example, if you purchased your Basic subscription April 1st, the monthly subscription would be up for renewal May 1 st. If you decide to upgrade to Plus on April 15th your new subscription will begin immediately and will be up for renewal June 1st.

More questions? Interested in a custom iArtView app for your gallery or studio? Let’s chat!