Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase on a monthly basis?

Yes, iArtView supports annual or monthly subscriptions. Annual subscriptions are the most economical way to subscribe because they give a significant saving off the month to month price.   

A monthly subscription means you can cancel at any time and you are not committed to the whole year. To purchase a monthly subscription for any of our plans select the ‘month’ option.


How do I cancel?

You can manage your subscription from the Account -> Subscription -> Manage Subscription screen inside iArtView. Or you can use the Settings app on your Apple device. From the Apple ID Screen -> Subscriptions -> iArtView. Subscriptions auto-renew unless you manually cancel them. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel at any time. If you downgrade your plan, or move to a free subscription, you will be able to access the functions of your cancelled subscription level until the date that would have been your renewal date. Apple does not give refunds if you downgrade your plan part way through a subscription period. 


I am an iOS user and want to upgrade from Basic to Plus. Does the app charge the full amount of a Plus subscription and give me credit for the Basic subscription I already paid for?

If you upgrade your subscription to a higher plan midway through your current subscription period you will immediately receive access to the upgraded plan. You will be charged immediately for the new plan, but will receive a refund from Apple for the unused portion of your current (lower level) subscription. For example, if your subscription renewal date for your Basic Plan is the 1st of every month, and you upgrade to a Plus Subscription on the 15th of the month, you will be charged for your Plus Subscription on the 15th, and this will become your new renewal date.

Your Basic subscription will be superseded by the Plus subscription and you will receive a refund from Apple for the unused portion of your Basic Subscription. Please note that Apple calculates and controls the period of time they refund, and it may take several days for them to process your refund.

Selling Your Art

How do I sell my art on iArtView?

All iArtView users with a paid subscription can sell their art via iArtView. Artists can sell: 

  • Original artworks
  • Prints you supply and ship yourself
  • Prints of your artwork created from the image you upload and fulfilled by our network of over 30,000 retail partners 

To enable selling via iArtView, go to Account -> Artwork Sale Options. Toggle the Allow Purchase button. 

Then choose the sales settings for each artwork you upload to iArtView you: if the original is for sale, if your artist-supplied prints are limited or open edition or whether you want to sell prints via our network of retail partners and printers. 


What countries can I sell my art to?

Go to Account -> Artwork Sale Options -> Available Countries. Choose countries from the available list that you are comfortable selling and shipping your art to. Remember shipping costs must be included in your prices and if you enable international selling, you must be prepared to ship artwork internationally. 


What about shipping? 

IArtView does not separately calculate shipping costs. Set a shipping-inclusive price for your artworks when you upload them for sale. Remember to include international shipping costs if you have enabled selling your art in countries other than your own. 


What are the fees for selling my art on iArtView? 

IArtView users with a paid subscription can list their artworks for sale with no listing fee. When you sell original artworks and artist-fulfilled prints via iArtView, we charge a 9.5% fee on the purchase price (which is inclusive of shipping). 

When you sell prints made by our network of print partners, the print partner sets the price, and you receive a commission on every print sold. Our retailers are some of the world’s largest retailers – companies like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS Pharmacies. 

This table summarises pricing and fees for art sold on iArtView:



Fee when artwork is sold



Original Artwork

Inclusive of shipping and set by artist 

9.5% of the shipping inclusive sale price 

Via Paypal when artist proceeds exceed US$100

Artist supplied and fulfilled print

Inclusive of shipping and set by artist


9.5% of the shipping inclusive sale price

Via Paypal when artist proceeds exceed US$100


iArtView retailer partner fulfilled print, where customer chooses to pick the order up

Set by retail partner. Artist receives a commission of 12% of the retail  price.


Via Paypal when artist proceeds exceed US$100


iArtView retailer partner fulfilled print, where customer chooses home delivery 

Artist receives a commission of 24% of the retail  price.


Via Paypal when artist proceeds exceed US$100



How do I get paid for my artwork? 

When you sell an artwork or print via iArtView, payments are processed via our secure payment portal. We pay artists via Paypal - we will send payments to the email address associated with your iArtView account. We have a minumum payment threshold of US$100 – we will process a payment to you when there is US$100 or more owed to you. 


How do I keep track of my sales and orders? 

You can see a summary of your sales in Account -> Sales. iArtView also has a web-based Artist Fulfiller Portal where you can see full order details and complete their processing. Paid iArtView subscribers who enable selling in Account -> Artwork Sales Options receive an email providing log in details for the iArtView Fulfiller Portal. The email will be sent to the email address used to create your iArtView account. 

For sales/orders of original artworks or prints that you have supplied yourself, you must mark orders as complete in the web-based fulfiller portal in order for iArtView to pay you via Paypal.

Managing Your Artwork

Creating Collections

Your account on iArtView is your Gallery. You can organise your Gallery into Collections of individual artworks. 

The Collections screen allows you to create collections of individual artworks. Name your collections whatever you wish. Artworks can be added to Collections when you are uploading them for the first time, or later with the edit artwork function. 

in the Collection screen Hold your finger on an individual artwork image to drag and drop the order of your artworks within your Collection. This allows you to curate the order artworks appear in. 

You can also drag and drop the order of artworks in the Artworks screen. The Artworks screen displays all the artworks you have uploaded to iArtView.


How do I share my artworks or collections?

Look for the share icon in the app. You can share from wherever this icon appears.pastedGraphic.png

  • Share an individual artwork or a collection - this shares a link that opens iArtView and takes the recipient to the artwork or collection inside iArtView.
  • Share artworks placed on interior walls - this sends the image of the artwork on the interior wall

Clicking the share icon in iArtView opens the iOS share menu so you can access sharing apps like:  

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Text
  • Airdrop
  • Email
  • Save to camera roll

Customise your message for your recipient so they know how to get in touch with you. 


How can I share to Instagram? 

Instagram doesn’t currently allow apps to share directly to it from the iOS share menu. (Instagram will appear as one of the options in the share menu but the share button won’t work). To post to Instagram, either screengrab art on an interior or using the share button you can save the image to your camera roll and post how you normally would. 


How many users can I share my collection with?

IArtView is available globally and the app is free to download. You can share your Gallery, Collections or individual artworks with anyone so they can view it in the app. If a customer already has iArtView downloaded, links will automatically open the app to the Gallery, Collection or Artwork you have shared. If they don’t already have the app, the link will open iArtView’s listing in the App Store so they can download the app and get started. 


Can a prospective customer send me a photo of their wall and I place my artwork on that wall?

Yes. Or the customer can download iArtView from the App Store, search for your Gallery, Collection or Artwork in the Discover tab and then choose ‘View on Wall’ to place the artwork on their own interior wall. You must be a paid subscriber to have your art appear in the Discover tab.


How do I add an interior wall image to iArtView?

You can add your own interior wall images to iArtView. From the View on Wall screen tap the red arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring up the bottom menu. In the Wall tab, tap ‘Add interior’ on the far right. The app will allow you to add a saved interior image from an album or by taking a picture with the camera. Follow the instructions for uploading an image or for taking an accurate interior wall picture.


Do I need my 6-digit share code anymore to share my art on iArtView? 

You don't need a share code to share your work on iArtView: you can share your Gallery, Collection or Artwork with anyone directly from iArtView. Customers can also download iArtView from the App Store and search the Discover tab for your name or your Gallery name. All paid subscribers who make their Gallery or Artworks public appear in the Discover tab. Read our other FAQ’s to learn more about how you can share directly from the app. 


What is the Discover tab? 

The Discover tab is iArtView’s community of artists. All paid subscribers who make their Gallery or Artworks ‘public’ appear in the Discover tab. Free iArtView users do not have their artworks appear in the Discover tab. You can search in Discover for specific or artist names. 


How do I view multiple artworks on an interior wall?

Tap ‘View on Wall’ from any of the following screens to have the option of placing multiple artworks on an interior wall:

  • A Collection with multiple artworks in it
  • The Artwork screen with multiple artworks uploaded to the app 
  • From your Favorites tab when you have multiple artworks saved as Favourites 


From the View on Wall screen tap the red arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring up the bottom menu. Select the artworks to display on an interior wall from the Art tab.